Welcome to Infinite Nameplates
We offer a laser engraving service to all Industrial, Commercial and Retail businesses. 

Established in the year 2000 as Box Hilllettering & Nameplates, this move to a new name is an exciting and adventurous time for us.
We have seen the industry change repeatedly as technology advances and we have moved with it. Using the latest in laser engraving processes on the leading machines in the industry, we aim to provide the highest quality finished products possible at a competitive price.

A new product is now available and we are very excited to see its inception into our suite of products. Using a technique called annealing we can produce high quality Stainless Steel signs, plaques and nameplates for substantially cheaper than its engraved counterpart. Check it out below and order yours today.

Stainless Steel nameplates and signs make anything look special.

Using a process called annealing, the end result is a beautifully finished permanent image that is embedded into the Stainless Steel.
It will last as long as the steel and using marine grade stainless will ensure it survives in even the harshest environments.

A fantastic solution to all your steel plate identification needs including the application of barcodes or serialisation for product identification.

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